Coordination and Liaison With Business Class pax.

We are a professional travel agency specialized in the arrangement of the invitation travel supported by national universities or national research institutes in Japan. Upon request or authorization from our client, our following representative contact you in a day or two by e-mail message regarding arrangement details;

Agency name Yobix Express Co., Ltd.
Contact person SASAKI Ryosuke Mr.
e-mail pax@yobiyose-world.com

As the official travel agency, Yobix Express will handle all matters of air ticket arrangement; flight itinerary, seat preference, dietary restrictions, mileage registration, etc. Please contact Mr. Sasaki to discuss the details.

The host organizer provides us with the relevant information of the invitation travel arrangement, so we understand the host’s budget plan and travel expense regulations. We plan a tentative flight option with the host according to their budget plan. If you wish to use different airlines or upgrade your ticket to an upper class, contact us in advance for the procedure.

The ticket will be reserved and issued after confirmation of the following two items;

  • a photocopy of your passport
  • your consent on the flight itinerary

The ticketing deadline is usually set as within 72 hours after the reservation. We hope your communications with us will go smoothly.

Also, we hope your travel to Japan will be smooth and comfortable.
Thank you very much!